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Diamond Report
This is a report for loose diamonds. Seventeen unique characteristics are detailed on each diamond report. Characteristics consisting of Cut, Colour, Clarity. Carat Weight, Symmetry, Polish, Fluorrescence and a Diaomond Ploat are detailed in each diamond report. As well, each diamond is put through a series of tests, including a Type IIa and HPHT analysis. HKD also provides the option for a digital picture of identifying characteristics in order to identifyy the diamond with it's corresponding report. With the combined details of each diamond report, you can accurately identify and assess the value of your diamond. In order to prevent tempering and duuplication, each laminated report comes with the HKD sealSafe Hologram Security and Corporate Seal.

Diamond Sealed Cert
Diamonds that need to be sealed for securiy are sealed in a tamper proof transparent case. Each seal cert comes along with diamond report. Sealed certs consists of Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat and Weight.

Diamond Pre. Cert
This report is specially designed for those who required a quick and accurate analysis for a diamond. Each Diamond Pre. Cert consists of Cust, Colour, Clarity, Carat Weight and a detailed Numerical Proportion Analysis. All Pre. Certs. are printed on plastic credit card media for convenience and mobility.

Jewellery Dossier
This report for finished jewellary and serves to provide a clear description for jewellery. Each jewellery dossier consists of gold karat identification, Gram Weight, Stone Identification, Estimated Stone Weights, qualities and Digital Picture.

Certificate of Authenticity
A newly innovative idea which allows our clients to personalize their reports by including their company Image / Logo / Brand along side with the required HKD Diamond Laboratory Canada Grading Report. This branded report format would be issued as a "Certificate of Authenticity" on the required media format.

Brilliance Report
Recently inroduced is the HKD Diamond Brilliance Report. With many months in research and development, HKD is proud to provide this service with HKD's advance imaging technology, customers are now able to visually see the amount of brilliance their diamond emits. No loger does a diamond need to adhere to ideal or excellent cut proportions to maintian maximum brilliance. Maximum brilliance is a result of a diamond being cut to proportionate symmetry within itself. Hence , a diamond cut to "Very Good", "Good" or even "Mediaum" proportiioins can result with maximum brilliance.

Due to time restricting conditions, HKD understands that diamond assorting at the manufacturing or retail level is not cost effective. HKD offfers such services in order to relieve such pressures by providing consistent diamond assortment through its trained diamond assorters. Assortment Reports are printed on plastic credit card media for convenience and mobility.

Sarin Measurement
This report is designed for those who just require the detailed numerical proportion analysis in order to analyze the cut of diamond. Sarin Measurements are for those clients that require preliminary grades at a quicker turnaround time and at the fraction of the cost. Sarin Measurement rreports are printed on plastic credit card media for convenience and mobility.

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